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Interactive World Map

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Bring this interactive, two-sided world map to life and embark on a global adventure as you learn fun facts while playing more than 30 games and activities.

Learn the worlds continents and countries and try and locate them as fast as you can in a race game!  Find distances and travel times between major cities and build your geography and map skills.  Learn about children around the world, including how they say "hello".  Plus play family-friendly games on this jumbo size map.

Games include:

Map racer - this timed quiz tests your knowledge of the worlds countries with three different levels

Treasure hunt- follow the clues to locate the "mystery country"

Continents and countries - this timed quiz tests your continents and countries knowledge Lets explore - go on exciting expeditions with your hosts Reggie Rover and Sara Sahara

 ravel time - touch any two children on the map to find out how far apart they are and how long it takes to travel between them


Kids like me - learn about where children live, what they eat for breakfast and how to say "hello" in their language!

Appropriate for children ages 4 to 8.


- First words in other languages
- Animals
- World geography
- Landmarks and famous place
- Exploration and curiosity

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